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Suicide Awareness

About the Program

Veteran suicide continues to be a growing crisis here in Florida. In order to try to stem the tide of the 22 veterans a day taking their own lives we created our Department of Florida Suicide Awareness program.

Our program utilizes education and engagement to reach our membership in a way that can equip each individual with the toolkit on how to identify and engage at risk Veterans and what resources are available. Another way we approach this epidemic is through camaraderie and event participation. We find that breaking the cycle of isolation can have very positive effects on Veterans suffering from depression and PTSD. That is often easier to do when the veteran is surrounded by other combat wounded veterans that have been through the same types of trauma.

If you have any additional questions about our program please contact our Suicide Awareness Officer, Dianne Rich at


If you are or someone you know is struggling with stress, depression, or suicidal ideation, please click the link below in order to chat with someone directly.

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